How to Use Forms to Overcome Chairside Objections

Address Patients' Needs Better With Pre-Appointment Forms

Picture this: you’re seeing a skittish patient at your dental practice who’s in total fight-or-flight mode. You need to present them with a treatment plan. They’re looking at you like you just stepped out of a flying saucer.

How could you make this scene unfold differently? It might surprise you to learn that a secret to flipping the script is paperless forms. Properly used, digital forms help ease patient anxiety AND influence their acceptance once you present their treatment plan. 

In this FREE eBook, we show you how to use paperless forms to: 

  • Address common reasons patients reject treatment
  • Gather information to create a great first appointment impression
  • Communicate the value of dental treatment to your patients

How to use forms to overcome chairside objections


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